Retractable Ratchet Strap - 3.5M x 25mm (Orange)


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Tuff Tools Retractable Ratchet Straps automatically unspool without tangling or twisting and retract with the simple press of a button. No more threading strap buckles or tying ends off. Traditional Straps can be a pain in the a** to roll back up and stay tidy. Tuff Tool retractable ratchet straps fix that and save time!

Product Specifications 

    • 3.5m in length
    • 25mm wide webbing
    • 320kg/640kg working loads

Save time ⏲️

No one has time to fluff around. Our Auto-retract ratchet straps with strong S-hooks get any job done. Strapping a load onto your roof rack or loading a car onto a trailer? Simply extend, latch, tighten, and release with ease. Using the Tuff Tools straps jobs just got a whole lot easier and now it only takes one person!

Strong and Safe 💪

Our straps secure anything down with strong nylon webbing and heavy-duty hooks. The Tuff Tools straps are tried and tested and meet International standards.

Built to last ⛓️

Made from strong, waterproof webbing with a safe reflective lining you will sure that these straps will last the test of time..

Superior Quality and Design ✅

Our automatic ratchet straps have been featured in countless media articles and TV shows. Used by some of the most famous Off-Road celebrities they are proven to be easier and safer to use than conventional ratchet straps. It doesn't matter if you're taking the boat, the Jetski, moving a load, or even securing the MAXTRAX, with our straps you'll be able to do it faster than ever!

    1.8m - 4.5m

    Strap Lengths

    25mm - 50mm

    Webbing widths

    640kg - 1500kg

    MAX Working loads